Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Where Find The Best Attorney For Your Case

Where Find The Best Attorney For Your Case

These days all a person has to do is to drive down the street or turn on the television in order to be overtaken in a flurry of lawyer advertisements.  This leads one to ask a very important question: Which lawyer should I hire?

In this post I will briefly describe how even though there are some good marital and family law firms advertising on television and billboards, there are risks associated with choosing representation based solely upon this mode of advertising. I will also explain to you that the very best way to find a great attorney for your divorce is by obtaining a referral.

One fact that causes many people to end up hiring the wrong lawyer for their legal issue is that there are great law firms that advertise on TV and on billboards and not so great law firms with great ads in the same places. For most members of the public who are looking for an attorney, this can be a basic crap shoot.

Some of the best ways to find a good attorney are to talk to your friends and family members to find out if they have ever had a good experience with any attorneys and if they recommend that person for you to use. Other good resources can be co-workers and their families who can often recommend someone who they have had a good experience with or to steer you away from someone they had a bad experience with. This work whether you are seeking the right divorce lawyer since most people either have used one themselves or are close to someone who has.

If you do not have the opportunity to obtain a referral for an attorney then another option is to research attorneys in your area on the Internet, make a list of your top three choices, and search for those lawyers names specifically on Google and read over reviews from their past clients. While there is no substitution for a referral from someone you know and trust, this can be a good alternative.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Custody and Support Issues in Divorce Litigation

Introduction to Child Custody Issues in Divorce Cases

Anytime a Florida family law case involves kids under the age of eighteen the issue of child custody will like arise. This basically means that the parties can not agree on what percentage of time the children in the case will spend with each parent. This is where an attorney who practices in child custody law can assist the clients in getting the highest possible percentage in time-sharing with the children. Sean Smallwood, Esq. who is an divorce attorney based in Orlando, FL
photo of scales of justice in divorce attorney's officeIt will not matter if the custody case comes from a divorce or other type of family law case as the considerations for custody will still all be the same.

In Florida the courts will view custody and visitation cases through the lens of best interests of the child which simply means; what decision here is going to best for the child with little or no regard for the best interests of the parents.

The lawmakers in Florida believe that it is always in the child's best interests to have a relationship with both parents unless there are statutory factors that go against child's best interests. For this reason both parents will generally get parenting time awarded by the court.

As a part of the case, your Orlando child custody attorney will assist you in formulating a case strategy to get the most time-sharing with your child, come up with a parenting plan that will give you your desired results, and conduct proper discovery and prepare for trial if need be.

What About Child Support Issues in Divorce Litigation?

One area of Florida family law that goes hand and hand with dissolution of marriage cases is the area of child support. The law in Florida is such that both parents have the duty to support their child if at all possible. Child support is calculated by imputing various factors such as income of both parties, percent of overnight visitation with each parent, and amounts paid for child's health insurance and daycare expenses.

Our  Attorney can assist you in getting a parenting plan that will give your family the best possible result by doing in-depth financial discovery when required, paying attention to detail when running child support guidelines, and fighting for the highest possible number of overnight visitation for you and your family. 

Child support issues in a divorce are very complex and one should never attempt to go it alone without the help of a professional.

Most Judgments After a Divorce Case Are Subject to Modification

Anytime a divorce order is entered the judge understands that at some point in the future there is a good chance that things will change and the order will need to be revisited. The legal requirement for a modification of a previous final judgment is that a substantial change in circumstances occurs for any party to the case that was not anticipated at the time of the previous final order.

This can be in the form of someone losing a job, getting a job, getting a raise, not exercising all a parents time-sharing, and the list goes on and on. Our attorney can meet with you one on one to discuss your case and can let you know if your  case is one that may be modified.

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